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2012 Highlights

2012 was an energetic year. Concetta Schirra, our environmental education coordinator, joined us early in the spring. She provided a wealth of opportunities to consider healthier ways of eating and living and to learn new things about nature in a fun and engaging way. Our dedicated volunteers also put in hundreds of hours in supporting the programs and keeping Salt Springs a safe, healthy, and serene place to be.

Here is a small sampling of the fun and beauty we experience here.

January. Mountain winterberry near the marsh along Buckley Road.

February. Mary volunteered to scrape, sand, and paint the Wheaton House hallway and stairs.

March. Wilkes University students began sampling Fall Brook and Silver Creek periodically to study
the presence of water bugs and insects as one way to monitor the health of the streams.

April. Our streams are stocked with trout every year, always with the help of kids.

April. Donna caught her limit on opening day.

April. Right on time, this trout lily bloomed on the first day of trout season.

April, Trail Day clean up. This year we also created two new trails.
Kevin Gates and Dave Clemens forged a Gorge Trail.

April, Trail Day clean up. We disposed of a junked Chevy Chevelle (1972?). In addition to
volunteer power, it took a front-end loader and Blake Kelly's M53 Deuce.

April, Trail Day clean up. Ellen Fortunato and Hedi Randall cleaned up the flower beds in the silos.

April. Jaques Kaufman and Shelley Lay christening their bench. Read their
Winter Love Story in our December e-letter.

May. Local Scout Adventures group spent a couple hours digging out a patch of
the invasive Japanese knotweed. What a root system!

May. The supermoon over Salt Springs. Taken by George Schreck.

May. Concetta conducted a series of gardening workshops. With volunteers Bob and Dorrie Mininger,
George Schreck (not pictured), and Ellen Fortunato, Concetta first built a number of raised beds.
These volunteers also helped with the programs and garden maintenance.

May. With a deer fence, of course.

May. First guided hike of the season. Here Donna Foster and Concetta Shirra are exploring Fall Brook trail.

June. George Schreck demonstrates the trench planting technique to Lee Maston. (It is
used with tall tomato plants to keep the rootballs in the warm upper layer of soil.)

June. Lots of campers this month. This young lady was with Springville Scout Pack 97.
Hiked, splashed, chatted, and hauled firewood in her camping clothes. You go, girl!

June. Mark Robinson's 35th Father's Day, with three of his seven children,
Ben, Rachel, and Brandi, and his wife Wendy.

July. Lots more camping.

July. The garden is thriving, especially those tomato plants.

August. Enjoying the waterfalls on a hot day.
Fran Durso shared this photo on our Facebook page.

September, Annual Celebration. Always lots of food. Susan and Champ doing a jig.

September, Annual Celebration. And music. Kelly and Susan Pratt entertained us
again this year, to the pleasure of all.

September, Annual Celebration. And fun. Learning is a blast when you get to
splash around in a creek catching bugs.

September. Elk Lake fourth grade field trip - part three of our Environmental Education curriculum
available to all county schools. Here Charlotte Remakus leads stream studies.

October. Pursuit of the pinata at the Halloween Fest.

November. Laryssa Zahajkewycz led a cheese-making workshop. We'll have another next year.

December. Happy Holidays from Mike and Beverly Hornak, Brooke, and all the Friends of Salt Springs Park!

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