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2015 Highlights

February 28. First program of the year.

March 3. Ascending from the foggy gorge.

April 18. Chainsaw Day. Logs turned into firewood.

May 11. Susquehanna County Forest Land Owners Association's memorial tree planting for Carol Hartly.
Left to right: Carolyn and Harold Hartley (Carol's parents), Bill Maitland (Carol's husband), Ryan Brown (DCNR
Service Forester), John Reynolds (SCFLOA secretary), Jo-Ellen Greene (SCFLOA board member), Jim James
(SCFLOA President), and Jim Kessler (SCFLOA board member).

May 30. Endless Mountains Farm Fest. More pictures here.

June 6. Common Threads Quilters Guild's workshop in the Carriage Barn.

June 12. Our newest trail, North Creek.

July 9. Words to live by found in the Barn Pavilion.

July 15. Campsite 10, tucked into the hillside with a lovely view of the West Meadow.

August 8. Casie and Sara Powell's wedding in the Barn Pavilion.

August 15. Fourth annual Woofstock! More pictures here.

September 5, annual Celebration. An armadillo made the scene! More pictures here.

September 5, annual Celebration. And a French and Indian War
soldier, too!

September 5, annual Celebration. Friends' friends with talent!

September 5, annual Celebration. Silent Auction in the Carriage Barn.

September 17. A bit of fall color creeping in.

September 17. One of several donations received this week. This from Larry and Donna Holbrook - a
MUCH needed picnic table.

September 29. What a difference 12 days makes!

October 18. Dozens of people and bushels of apples made many a jug of cider!

October 18. Shade of juice depends on kind of apple.

November 23. First flakes to stick.

November 30. Campsite 8. Well now, that's a tent!

December 24. Merry Christmas from all your Friends at Salt Springs Park (even
snowless and sleeveless, peace, love, and joy abound)!

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