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Flooding in 2011

A number of sensitive areas in Salt Springs Park were devastated by Hurricane Irene in August and again by Tropical Storm Lee in September. Picnic areas, campgrounds, trails, parking lot, and lawns were washed away, and stream banks and stream beds suffered further erosion.

The pictures below show the damage. Sadly, the images are nearly identical to those documenting the 2006 flood.

As in 2006, and 2008, and 2009, and 2010, in 2011 volunteers showed their love and appreciation for Salt Springs by pitching in with enthusiasm to clear debris, rebuild trails, relocate rocks and dirt, and much, much more.

This article describes the massive amount work that 175 volunteers accomplished on October 8. Our Facebook page has lots of photos taken that day.

These photos show what the volunteers tackled:

Photos courtesy of George Schreck.

Lawn leading to the Hemlock trail head is now a rock beach and new stream.

Buckley Road footbridge was washed 25 feet downstream and jammed under the road bridge rail.

Fall Brook trail head was stripped of soil, leaving trenches several feet deep.

The area between Fall Brook and the hill was pockmarked and strewn with gravel and stone.

Some of this was turned into firewood.

Logs and debris left when Fall Brook receded.

Here are some more images of the damage caused by the floods:

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