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Birds, Butterflies, & More

Salt Springs Park offers a diversity of wildlife habitats, including grasslands, wetlands, old-growth forests, and meadows. Over 150 species of birds have been seen in the park. Butterflies and all kinds of flying insects abound here as well. All photographs were taken by George Schreck, unless otherwise noted.

Black swallowtail.

Black swallowtail caterpillar.

Another black swallowtail.

Yellow tiger swallowtail on dames rocket.

Common merganser, female.

Ruby-throated hummingbird.

Harrier, female.

Harrier, male.

Blue jay.

Eastern bluebird, male.

Broad-winged hawk.

Red-tailed hawk.

Kestrel, hovering, hunting.

Dragonfly, Eastern pondhawk, male.

Red-spotted purple butterfly.

Rough-legged hawk.

Osprey, aka fish hawk.

Tree swallows.

Redwing blackbird.

Widow skimmer.

Skipper on butterfly bush.

Hummingbird moth on burdock.

Damsel fly bluit.

Great blue heron.

Mourning dove.

Eastern wild turkey, toms.

Monarch on boneset.

Juvenile black-crowned night heron. This and the following
photograph are the only documentation we know of that
this species is in Susquehanna County. By Deborah O'Hara.

Juvenile black-crowned night heron. By Deborah O'Hara.


Female hairy woodpecker.

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