Cabin 1, the largest (sleeps 7) and most secluded of the three. It is perched on a small rise
and has a treehouse-like feel. By Shawn Woodard.

Along the one-car-wide gravel lane that runs through the campground. This is about midway,
approaching the turnaround. By Shawn Woodard.

The turnaround, about as far as you can drive in the campgrounds. Beyond is
an open lawn, ringed by three tent sites and the other two cabins. By Shawn Woodard.

Cabin 2 (sleeps five). View from the turnaround. By Shawn Woodard.

Cabin 2. Front view from the open lawn. By George Schreck.

Cabins 2 (left) and 3 (right). View from the lawn. By George Schreck.

Another view of Cabin 3. By George Schreck.

View of Campsite 7, across the lawn from Cabin 3, on the bank of Silver Creek.

View from Campsite 7, Silver Creek at summer's low. By Shawn Woodard.