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Flood 2006

On June 28, 2006, nearly 45 counties in Pennsylvania and New York experienced a 500-year-level flood. The following pictures show nature's forces at work at Salt Springs. Our dismay at some of the changes is softened by the knowledlge that this phenomenon, repeated over thousands of years, is what created this beautiful place.

Before the flood. Picnic area, early summer morning, 2005, looking from the bottom
of the gorge east toward the salt spring. By Deborah O'Hara.

June 29, 2006. Fall Brook Creek, first footbridge leading to picnic area and trail heads.

June 29, 2006. Where does Fall Brook Creek end and the picnic area begin?

June 30, 2006. Water now pools at the heads of Hemlock, Hardwood, and Upland trails.

June 29, 2006. First footbridge. The bridge was moved 2 feet from its base. The retaining
wall supporting the bridge was severely undermined. Emergency repairs
have been made, but more are badly needed.

June 29, 2006. High-water mark at the main kiosk. The flooded phone had to be replaced.

July 2, 2006. Picnic area, viewed from where the water jumped the bank of Fall Brook
toward the salt spring.

Summer 2005. Second footbridge.

Summer 2006. Second footbridge after the storm.

July 2, 2006. Second footbridge. The bank eroded about 10 feet on the south side, causing
the bridge to fall into the water. It was subsequently hit by rocks and snapped in two.

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