Contribute to the Friends of Salt Springs Park Fund

The Friends of Salt Springs Park Fund is an endowment fund established by Ken Leasure and managed by The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains.

The fund is important because it is one means by which we can become less dependent on grants. In particular, grants to cover maintenance and administrative expenses are rare.

The fund is an invested fund that grows from its own earnings but grows even faster when donors add a tax-deductible gift of any amount. The principle of the endowment remains intact, perpetually earning interest and creating an annual distribution that is always growing. Each year a percentage of the fund becomes available for the Friends' needs.

There are two ways to contribute to the fund:

  1. Make a donation of cash or investments in any amount at any time.
  2. Arrange a planned gift in your will.

Bequests are the most common method used to make a planned gift. However, gifts may also be left in the form of 401K or IRA plans, insurance policies, charitable trusts, a signed deferred pledge, among others. Donors are encouraged to discuss their gifts with their families and personal financial advisors and with The Community Foundation.

Donations of $2,500 or more or planned gifts of any kind earn the donor recognition in the Salt Springs Chapter of The Community Foundation's Legacy Society.

For more information, contact The Community Foundation at 570-278-3800 or visit its website