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Mushrooms & Fungi

There are hundreds of species of mushrooms and fungi in the habitats at Salt Springs. Many are elusive, and some are rare.

We share these photos for the beauty of their subjects. Do not use them for identification purposes. Some of the mushrooms in these pages are poisonous, and some, but not all, of the poisonous ones are indicated with a red X on the photo.

All of the photographs in this section were taken by George Schreck.


Scarlet vase chanterelle.

Scarlet cup fungi.

Shaggy mane.

Violet branched coral.

Golden pholiota.

Scaly pholiota.

White coral.

Yellow coral.

White worm coral.

Old man of the woods.

Hen in the woods.

Ravenel's stinkhorn.

Sulphur shelves, group view.

Sulphur shelves, closer view.

Spiny puffballs.

Destroying angel.

Black morel.

Emetic russula.

Yellow chanterelle.

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