Programs At a Glance

The Friends offer a variety of environmental, historical, and recreational programs year-round, featuring hands-on activities, guided walks, and interactive workshops.

"Nature Walk," October 1995. Susquehanna County Forester Jim Kessler (since retired;
currently a member of the Friends' board of directors) demonstrates tree dating.
He twists a boring instrument into a hemlock tree to withdraw a core sample.

He holds the core sample in his left hand and uses the boring instrument to help locate and
count the age rings in the core sample.

"Watershed Education," April 1999. Organized by the Friends' first Environmental
Educator, Sue Chance (far left).

Activities included identifying some of the aquatic wildlife, collected by dredging a screen
through the water.

    July 4, 2000, Parade. Together with the local Recyling Center and Shelley Preserve,
we entered a float.

"Susquehanna County Oral History Project," September 2005. Practice, practice, practice!
SCOHP, a subcommittee of the Friends' Historical Committee, provided training
for a number of high school students in the fine art of conducting oral history
interviews. Here, pairs of students practice what they learned.

November 2005. Two months later, they spent a day interviewing local seniors.

December 2005. Some Decembers, we'd kick off the holiday season by gathering around a
campfire near the Pavilion and singing Christmas Carols.

    Inside the Pavilion, we sipped hot chocolate and made edible tree decorations for the birds.

"Stone Wall Building Workshop," September 2006.
Rusty Ely, owner of Rely Landscaping, led a number of
stone-wall building workshops. He begins by explaining
the various tools and techniques we would use
to build a mortarless wall.

      Rusty trenched out the base of a small drop between the Wheaton House and the
parking lot and hauled in a couple loads of stone.

  Within four hours we had a respectable beginning. It's complete now.
Come and see it...truly a work of art.

"E3--Earth, Ecology, and the Environment." This is a 4th-grade environmental education
program that the Friends conduct for local schools. (Visit our Education page
for more about E3.) Part of the program involves studying the stream
ecosystem. This section is led by Jay Harter (right).

What did they find?



    Along with the kids, the Friends also thank Nancy Wottrich for coordinating E3
for the past several years!

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