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The Friends of Salt Springs Park, Inc. • PO Box 541 • Montrose PA • 18801 • 570.967.7275 • info@saltspringspark.orgFacebook


The Friends pay for about 97% of all operating, maintenance, and improvement costs at Salt Springs State Park and have done so since 1994. We raise money through grants, donations, in-kind contributions, and, importantly, membership fees.

Members have helped the Friends achieve many goals. These are just a few:

Projects under development, for which membership support is crucial, include these:

New memberships provide indirect support for the Friends as well. Granting agencies are more willing to provide funds to organizations whose memberships continue to grow.

Please join. Membership is inexpensive, and contributions are tax deductible. Membership benefits include:

Membership Levels:

Individual           $30
Family               $50
Organization     $75
Sponsor          $100
Corporation      $250
Best Friend     $500

Click here for a printable membership application.

You can also join by credit card through our PayPal account.

If you're already a member but would like to send us an additional donation, you can use this Donation Form or, again, through our PayPal account.

For more information about the park, contact us at the address below.

The Friends of Salt Springs Park, Inc.
PO Box 541 Montrose PA 18801 570.967.7275