Seed Starting
By Charlotte Remakus and Jessica Smith

Beans are easy to grow! Here is a simple experiment to do with your children to see the seeds sprouting and growing! This video, Seed Germination, from AumSum Time, animates germination simply enough for young children to understand.

Here are the steps to grow a bean plant in a clear cup (or jar) with a few common items. (Taken from "101 Nature Experiments" by David Burnie). You can use paper towels, coffee filters, or newspaper as "blotter paper." You can "extend" the experiment for older children by letting them find & try different seeds.

Here is a bean seed "ready to go" - or grow! The cup has wet paper towel and cotton balls that need to be kept wet. Measurement lines are drawn on the outside of the cup to record growth (of both roots and stem) or to make a growth chart. The cup is left in a warm place with indirect lighting.

This bean seed was in a cup that had both wet paper and soil. This is growth at Day 7. Notice the white root and green stem starting to form.

Day 10: The Bean seed is starting to seek the light and grow out of the soil. Follow this link for more on The Life Cycle of a Bean Plant.