Vernal Pools
By Concetta Schirra

These eggs did not come from a grocery store! They are in a vernal pool. Do you know what a vernal pool is? Learn about them here.

Do you know that Salt Springs Park has at least three vernal pools? You can take a hike and find one. North Creek Trail, Meadow Trail, and Friends Trail all have vernal pools right near the trail. Here is our trail map.

It might take you a while to find the eggs. They camouflage well, with only a small part of the egg mass visible above the water. Don't disturb the water or the eggs....

Sit quietly. Look. And Listen. Look for ripples in the water. What is moving? Can you see it?

Do you see what I see? A wood frog is basking in the sun, just like you and me! Many things live in this vernal pool.... Check out this website, Pennsylvania Herp Identification. It's an online guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Pennsylvania.

If you are lucky, the wood frog may make a sound, yet they are often vocal in the evening. The Mystery Science website has a learning tool to help you identify different frog sounds..

This is what one of the park's vernal pools looked like in the late winter, dreary and cold! Believe it or not, the wood frogs may have been frozen in some of the cracks and crevasses of that fallen log! Read about how some frogs survive the winter in this article from Scientific American.