Williams Companies donated $25,000 for a new pavilion. This covered materials, picnic tables and grills, and food and water for the workers. The remaining funds will go toward installing electricity in 2015.

Over the summer dozens of volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints spent hundreds of hours building it. This is just the latest—and by far the biggest!—project they've undertaken for us. We are honored to have had their help the past couple years after floods and in April for spring cleaning.

Greg Liggett, the carpenter/builder who oversaw the construction, was our 2014 Volunteer of the Year.

Tom LaBarbera took most of the photographs.

Thanks to all!

Work began in early June, when the boundaries were laid out.

Greg Liggett made sure the building will be square.

Jack Rosencrans dug the trenches for the footers.

Footers were sunk in concrete-filled tubes. By TL.

Digging in! By TL.

They worked many long days over the summer. . . . By TL.

By TL.

By TL.

By TL.

The last boards were placed in September.